Les Deux. In French, it simply means “the Two” and in simple terms, that’s all it is: two items. Red Wine. Beef.

Easy right? Boring, never!

We serve 100 pt wines and reach out to the best beef producers around the country. Some raise Angus, sure. Others? Piedmontese. Murray-Grey. Beefalo. Charolais. Brahman. And more.

Some are gress fed, other’s grain finished. Some well-marbled, some nice and lean. The only requirement, it’s got to taste great, as in, the best.

For the wines, we’ve served everything from Mouton-Rothschild to Harlan, Fonseca to d’Yquem, including Colgin, Sine Qua Non, Pegau, Usseglio, Torbreck, Rieussec, Bond, and more.

It is an awesome chance to taste some of the best wines and steak in the world side by side. It’s one of our favorite events. Check out the pics for yourself.

Les Deux I – 2011

Les Deux II – 2012.