Up Next . . . 

Fall: Bootlegger’s Ball – we pick a spot, have someone cook up a beast meal, litter the table with empty plates and bones of varied persuasion. Oh yeah, we mix in a tasting of about 20 top-end Bourbon’s, including Pappy, Willett, Vintage, Hirsch, Black Maple Hill, and more. Usually early fall.

Fall:  Winemaker’s Ball we have sourced grapes from California’s central coast, and we are making 80 cases of our own red wine. This year, a Rhone varietal, Grenache. Can’t wait. usually mid-fall.

Fall: Popcorn Party – we fire up the still, for a backcountry distiller’s party, named in honor of the inimitable Popcorn Sutton. Grappa, corn whiskey, apple brandy, pear schnapps, who knows what’s next. So far, no blindness. Usually late fall.

If you’d like to attend any of these, shoot us an email.